danny dummitt

danny dummitt

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Facts Are Important To Have

Remember the next time your thinking about doing something, or making any type of decision, stop for a moment, and think about the word FAITH, and remember get the facts first before you make a commitment, or a decision, for in all cases I can think of

Facts Are Important To Have

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Just what is a FAITH ACRONYM anyway???

What is a acronyms, well it is something you see and use every day. When for example you say a nurse is a RN the RN is a acronyms for Register Nurse. Or when they say the CIA, that is a acronyms for the Central Intelligence Agency, and the one we like the least is the IRS, and that of course is a acronyms for the Internal Review Service.

As you are aware acronyms are all around us. This site is all about acronyms written on the word FAITH. So for example, First Act IS To Help, is a FAITH acronym, or Friends Are Important To Hug is a FAITH acronyms. So now you know what a acronym is, and what a Faith acronyms is all about I hope you will find this site inspirational, and give you a who new way at looking at the word FAITH.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Father Almighty In Thy Hands

Give up...
Let go...
and let God take over ....
and he......
will make away....
for you........

those are the words to a song i know...and they are the meaning of this POWERFUL FAITH ACRONYM

Father Almighty In Thy Hands

Forever Alive In The Heart

This was the first Faith Acronym I ever wrote. It was a reminder to me of two extremely important concepts in which that I believe.

1. The people that I love and that have passed on to the next life, are still with me, still here, for they truly are Forever Alive In The Heart so when I see the word FAITH, and i missed a loved one, I remember they are always with me, and always alive inside of me, and who that i am. They make me fell warm, they allow me to still feel there love, and that why they forever stay alive in side of my heart

Forever Alive In The Heart This is where God is totally and always alive to me, in my most inner reality, in my heart.

Forget About It Things Happen

Things happen all the time, some we can help, and many we can not. When something comes along that is a challenge, get past it, don't stress. Just remember things do happen, now forget about it and move for ever forward.

Forever forward,

next time some one says to you, I am sorry for something, SMILE BIG and say

Forget About It Things Happen

Forget About It That's History

One of the first ten acronyms written for Acronyms Faith, was Forget Abort It That's History.

Get over it!!
Go on with LIFE!!!!!

Forget about it, it is in the past,...it is history!!!! Now move on with a WONDER FULL LIFE!

Forget About It That's History

Acronyms about Faith Acronyms...now there is a mouth full!!

Faith acronyms increase the happiness

Faith acronyms increase the harmony

Faith acronyms increase the having

Faith acronyms increase the head

Faith acronyms increase the health

Faith acronyms increase the heart

Faith acronyms increase the help